Photoshop and Dual Monitors: a Great Tip!

Seems like a lot of people I know run a Cintiq off an iMac. I’m lucky enough to have such a setup. The problem? When painting on the Cintiq, I had been wasting all that real estate on the iMac. It would be full of iTunes and Firefox and Adium and a bunch of other horrible distractions.


I caught friend and co-worker Shyh Chai using the following trick, and it’s gonna change my dual-monitor habits for the better. FOREVER.

I’m talking about Photoshop’s “New Window for…” feature. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? If not, this is what it does: you open up a document. In the “Window” menu, under “Arrange”, you’ll find an item called “New Window for [DocumentName]”. Click that, and Photoshop makes a new, second window that shows the same document as the one you have open. You can work on either and see the results in both windows.

What I do now is drag one window to each monitor and full-screen them both. On my Cintiq, I can dig down and noodle about and paint and draw. I leave the full, zoomed-out view on the second monitor. Not only do I get to easily view the entire canvas (very handy for keeping things in perspective), but it blocks out my browser and other apps and my distracting Christina Hendricks desktop pictures.